Giving Back – What Truly Matters in Life

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

In July, South Africa celebrates former President Nelson Mandela’s birthday. July 18th has been declared Nelson Mandela International Day, but many of us embrace the chance to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s life for the whole of July. This gives everyone the opportunity to heed the call to action for people to recognize their individual power to make an imprint and change the world around them.

A global movement for positive change begins with small actions. As each person acts, they fuel momentum toward positive change, raising awareness and expanding the reach of Mr. Mandela’s values – fighting injustice, helping people in need and practicing reconciliation.

Nelson Mandela

Island Queen believes in the power of change and the impact a single individual can make in the lives of millions. For over the past 60 years, we have strived to be a part of our community and have taken the steps to become a contributing member of it.

Island Queen is proud to invest into our community in the following ways:

  • Island Queen has donated resources to the Actor’s Playhouse – a private non-profit organization that champions the creative arts and takes part in educational outreach and community service.
  • Supported the American Liver foundation during their 4th Flavors of Miami event which contributed to their mission of facilitating, advocating, and promoting education, support and research for the prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease.
  • Island Queen contributed to the Make-A-Wish Southern Florida chapter with their mission to grant the special wishes of children under the age of 18 living with critical illnesses. It is their – and Island Queen’s – sincere hope that fulfilling their one most heartfelt wish they can offer them life-affirming experiences and provide families with special memories of hope, strength, and joy.
  • Island Queen donated to Touching Miami with Love, a non-profit organization that offers educational support for children through their year-round programs which include daily lessons for literacy, individual tutoring sessions for struggling readers, fitness, computer literacy, STEM activities, and creative arts.
  • Island Queen helped build the Therapeutic Recreation Department of Jackson Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Center in an effort to improve the quality of life for their patients.
  • Island Queen donates to the Seminole County Bar Association Legal Aid Society in their mission to provide free quality legal services to vulnerable residents of Seminole County to improve their quality of life and enhance their self-sufficiency.
  • Island Queen supports Miami River Day Festival, which celebrates the historic Miami River’s unique culture and natural environment.
  • Island Queen is a proud Sponsor of the International Propeller Club of the United States PortMiami Southeast Regional Conference & Port Night.
  • Island Queen supports the North Miami Beach Youth Athletic Club which provides children from low income families with sports programs and all associated costs which they would otherwise not be able to afford and participate in.
  • Island Queen has supported the Coast Guard Sector Miami in their Multi-Agency Mass Rescue Operations Workshop.
  • Island Queen supported the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital VACC Camp which provides enhancement of the lives of their special technology dependent children.

Lending a helping hand to our neighbors is one of our core tenets. Here are some ways in which you and your loved ones can make a difference in your community.

  • Donate – your time, your skills, monetary funds or items. If you have an old computer or books, donate it to a school. Toys and art supplies can be given to orphanages or dropped off at the children’s ward of your local hospital.
  • Reach out to organizations and ask how you can help. Shelters, local HIV organizations, hospices, and other establishments are always in need of a few helping hands.
  • Tutor children in a school subject you are good at, or impart life skills or practical skills.
  • Many terminally ill people have no friends or family who can visit them. Take a little time to have a chat and find out what they need.

Background of Nelson Mandela

Mr. Mandela became South Africa’s first democratically elected president in 1994. As a champion of reconciliation, he was instrumental in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was set up by South Africa’s Government of National Unity to help deal with the atrocities of apartheid.

Before his presidency, Mandela was heavily involved in anti-apartheid activities. He served 27 years in prison, many of which were spent with other sentenced freedom fighters.

While officially retired, he continued to voice his opinion on topical humanitarian issues and campaigns globally for peace, children and the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Please join us on one of our cruises as we take in the sights of the beautiful city of Miami, as well as the community and its people to whom who we have proudly contributed at every possible step.

Find more areas where you can volunteer your services on the Nelson Mandela Day website.

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