6 Must-Haves on Your Party Planning Checklist

Party planning consists of so many details, big and small, that need to work in harmony to create a successful event. This can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. Making a check list of all your details, ranging from biggest to smallest, would be the most efficient way of planning your party. To help this process sail smoothly, here is a check list to assist you in making the most memorable yacht party you and your guests will ever have!

1. Determine Your Budget

The biggest factor in planning any event is coming up with a realistic budget expectation. The five biggest details to consider when discussing your budget is your venue location, the date of your party, what time your event will start and end, creating a guest list, and deciding on a theme for your party. Your budget also consists of all aspects of money being spent on the party. Most common aspects to consider would be food, beverages, utensils, entertainment, and decorations. Once you have broken down your expenses and you have a plan, it’s time to get started.

Plan A Miami Party on a Yacht

2. Choose Your Venue

When choosing your venue, it is important to understand the environment. This can dramatically change the feel to the event you are putting together.  The hours of the event can play a big role in the venue you choose so you must keep that in mind.  What lighting does it showcase, what seating is available, how many people can it hold safely and comfortably.  Make sure you don’t forget to look at the bar/kitchen pre area and the bathrooms, this can make a noticeable impression on your guests.  Also, always ask what comes with the space, different venues have different inclusions from tables & chairs to service staff and anything else they have as part of the offer.  Asking about inclusions could save you a little extra mula.

3. Finalize Your Guest List

Unless planned precisely, events have a funny way of having more people than intended.  Like weddings for example, Vinny brings his girlfriend, whom brings her sister, whom brings her boyfriend, whom brings his best friend, whom brings his brother. Yes! These things do happen!  To avoid having extra people make sure to be clear on the invitation.  How you get the word out to your guests is up to you but there are easy invite websites that can take all the hard work out for you.  BE CLEAR – State the time, date, and location, parking instructions, recommendation for car-pooling or uber if parking is tight and include your guests names on the invite.  You can also ask them to RSVP before a certain date so you have more control on not waste any money on food and beverages.

Southern Florida Party Food

4. Choose Your Food & Beverages

This is important.  You will be picking the food and drinks everyone at your event will be eating and drinking.  A decision must be made on how the dining service will occur.  You can choose from a buffet, seated dinner or light bites and cocktails.  Whichever the choice the menu selection is important.  Make sure you have a nice balance of proteins, carbs and veggies.  Make sure to be aware if any of your guests have dietary restrictions (which you can request on the invite) and account for them.  Drinks are the easy part, I would make sure your bar tenders have great personalities since they will be in direct contact with your guests.

Top Rated Entertainment in Miami

5. Hire Your Entertainment

Entertainment is a big part of an event.  At the very least a good DJ should be present but don’t forget to consider all the other options:  Any theme- greeters, dancers throughout the evening, dinner show, choreography, interactive dancers, moving art, stilt walkers, musicians and much more.  The sky is the limit and even though this will take you a little more out of pocket, the impact can be priceless if done right.

Beautiful event decor in Miami

6. Select Your Decor

Last but not least, depending on the occasion some décor is required.  There are plenty of DIY websites that can give you pretty awesome ideas for décor.  Don’t forget to ask the venue for the inclusions it provides, in many cases the tables, chairs, linens, even flowers are included in the overall price they give you.  Understand what you will have access to and then according to your theme or vibe, build on that.  You can find inspiration on popular websites like Pinterest or similar.

Unique party venue in miami

One very unique way to celebrate any occasion in Miami is on a yacht.  And one of the services provided as a yacht event here at Island Queen Cruises is that in the overall price, we have a built in “event planner” that can take care of all these details and more for you.  We can take the stress out of the process and you can keep the fun part of the process and then the best part:  When you see your clients face as they walk on to the vessel and see the beautiful set up you have prepared for them and be proud of all the hard work that is now paying off.  Cheers!

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