Our New Look & Website is Coming Soon!

I can remember my first boat ride around Biscayne Bay—it was on my family’s Millionaire’s sightseeing boat, way back in the summer of 1982. I was sitting up with the captain enjoying every second of it. At the time I was too young to fully realize what Island Queen Cruises meant to me and my family, but I knew I was captivated by the cruise and the rush of excitement I felt as the beautiful vistas of downtown Miami played out before me as we cruised by.

We’ve come a long way since then—both Island Queen Cruises and the city of Miami. That version of downtown Miami feels like it was running in slow motion when compared to the teeming metropolis that it is today. I still get that rush of excitement every time I cruise on any of our boats through Biscayne Bay. It’s hard not to feel like a kid again every time I take in the sights and sounds of the city we all love so much. Miami has grown a lot since 1982 and the colors, vibrancy and adventurous spirit of the place still jumps out at me every time I’m lucky enough to cruise on her waters.

Island Queen Cruises has been operating in Biscayne Bay since the early 1930’s. Since the time this company started, Miami has grown into an unbelievable, multicultural city that has an exciting and flavorful vibe that’s hard to replicate anywhere else in the world. As Miami has blossomed and grown over the years, so too has Island Queen Cruises. With so much to see and do in this extraordinary city, we’ve continued to grow and are proud to offer so many great ways to experience Miami.

So as our company gets closer to our 100-year milestone of being in business, the Island Queen family felt it was time to bring a new look to our brand; for many positive reasons. We wanted to incorporate some of the new style, culture and vibe that Miami’s lifestyle represents today into our brand. We wanted to allow our great team at Island Queen Cruises to participate in the new design and gather all of their thoughts behind ‘rebranding’ our ‘product’.

All of us at Island Queen Cruises felt like this is a great opportunity to makes some changes that help our brands catch up with how we see today’s “Miami lifestyle”. We have so many international clients now and blended with our local ones and those who visit us from all of the United States, we want our brands to represent everyone we cater to.

So as we get closer to the day of launching our new brand our company has celebrated how much change can be great and positive for Island Queen Cruises. It’s been very gratifying to see the excitement in all of our employee’s faces as we get ready to launch a new brand that they were all a part of helping create. It brings me back to 1982, and I’m delighted to say that I still feel all of that excitement every time I experience our Millionaire’s Sightseeing Cruise.

All of us at Island Queen Cruises are excited for you to see our new look and can’t wait to help you experience Miami like never before!

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