Why You Should Rent a Yacht for the Best Private Events in Miami

If you’re like most people, as you plan ahead for 2023, you more than likely feel like it’s time to get back out into the world and have some fun. While there is no shortage of fun things to do in Miami, if you’re planning a party or private event for 2023, you can’t find a better venue than a yacht rental from Island Queen Cruises & Tours.

A private event or a party on a yacht makes everyone involved feel like a star. From glamorous locations and a spine-tingling vibe, events on a yacht out on the water provide lifetime memories and events that everyone will cherish for a lifetime. Plain and simple, private events and parties held on yacht rentals in Miami are what dreams are made of.

yacht cruising down a river

Your Party Venue is Wherever You Want it to Be

Miami, Miami Beach, and the gorgeous waters that surround the city provide an idyllic party or private event landscape. There are so many spectacular locations and views in Miami, why not choose a venue that gives you an opportunity to see several of them?

With a luxury yacht rental from Island Queen Cruises & Tours, you can visit several different sites while on the yacht. Wouldn’t cruising past Millionaire’s Row and checking out the unbelievably luxurious homes of the rich and famous be a fun party starter? How about hitting a beach for an hour or two of fun in the sun?

Obviously, your party venue is one of Island Queen’s seven gorgeous yachts, but you’re able to surround yourself with any part of Miami that you’d like. It’s the benefit of having a venue that moves!

catamaran beached up on a shoreline

Celebrate on the Boat or Take Part in Water Activities

Renting a yacht from Island Queen Tours & Cruises also allows you to celebrate life in the water—a Miami specialty. Our crew can ensure you have plenty of water activities to take part in if you so wish.

If you rent one of our stylish catamarans for your event, your guests are able to take part in a variety of different water activities. Fun in the sun meets an all-new standard with the options of an all-day beach bash, private island party, or sandbar party, these sleek and sexy catamarans will make it happen. Enjoy a shore-side picnic or BBQ on one of the many small islands Miami has to offer while using the large array of water toys that include floats, snorkeling gear, and noodles galore.

If your private event or party wants to stay on board throughout the day, that’s no problem either, our expert staff can help you plan party games and activities, so you never have to leave your yacht.

island queen buffet

A Rented Yacht Offers Complete Privacy for Your Event or Party

We’ve all been to events or parties in banquet rooms or restaurants where it seems complete privacy is just out of reach. When you host on a private yacht, you get all the privacy you could ever hope for. With the help of our expert staff, there is no waiting in line or sharing your space with strangers. The privacy of a yacht on the water means there is no one to disturb you or any of your guests. We’ll pamper all of your guests with exceptional service and cuisine, including our diverse selection of specialty menus, buffets, passed hors d’ oeuvres, and food stations.

You can tailor the music and dancing to anything you’d like – it’s your party, so our staff lets you set the ambiance and vibe to suit your wishes. With an incredible selection of food and beverages, you and your guests are free to party the day and night away in complete privacy.

Whatever Your Event Is, Island Queen Has Got You Covered

At Island Queen Tours & Cruises, we offer a wide variety of yacht sizes and capabilities for you to choose from. And no matter what your event or party is celebrating, our expert staff has plenty of experience in helping you put on the ultimate Miami party. From wedding receptions to birthday parties, class reunions, corporate events, or any special occasion, you can find the right yacht that fits the size and scope of your gathering.

Make your event the party of year by hosting it aboard a luxury yacht – one of the top-rated unique event spaces in Miami. Cruise the scenic waters of Biscayne Bay to make your celebration an occasion all of your guests will hail as truly epic. Your party or event deserves to be extravagant and with Island Queen Cruises & Tours you’ll get the touch of class that comes from a private cruise to push it over the top.

Make your party or private event in 2023 something special. Choosing a private yacht rental from Island Queen Cruises & Tours is the perfect place to start.

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