3 Must-Experience Miami Attractions

Everglades Safari Park in Miami

The Everglades Safari Tour

Miami is known for its very interactive experiences, including one of the most popular tourist attractions, the Everglade’s Safari tour. Miami is not only known for its mesmerizing skyline but also, its unique native eco system. The Florida Everglades is a vast wet land that is protected and preserved to sustain the native species of Florida. Here you will find flora and fauna that is specific to these areas and not found anywhere else in the world. If you’re lucky you can find a lone lilies that pop up around the routes you will travel. You will also have an opportunity to see different native species of birds as long as you can look up because you will surely be trying to spot the hidden alligators roaming in the area but no worries, they are kept at a safe distance from everyone there. While you are there, enjoy a 30-40 minute long airboat ride through “the river of grass” so you can see for yourself American fresh water alligators and salt water crocodiles living in harmony. Here in Florida, it is the only place in the world that fresh water Alligators and Salt water Crocodiles can cohabitate due to the unique blend of the two types of water and this is one of the main reasons you can’t come to Miami and not visit the Everglades. After the airboat ride, you can see a live alligator wildlife show for your entertainment. Trained professionals will educate you on what you need to know about these intimidating creatures and if you are brave enough, you can even hold a baby alligator called “Finger Taker Offer” and take a picture as proof of your courageous accomplishment of conquering the Florida Everglades!

Jungle Island – From Animal Lovers to Thrill Seekers!

Jungle Island offers many different interactive experiences. As you walk in you are confronted by all the beauty of the nature around you. You can already hear the birds chirping and holler monkeys through the jungle like forest. Take pictures of any of the 300 exotic colorful birds that are free to roam in their natural habitat in the warm climates South Florida including the only trained Cassowary in the world. Don’t forget to feed our kangaroos, don’t worry, you won’t need your boxing gloves for this encounter and take advantage to learn about all the other species that Jungle Island is home too during the daily shows. Get close and personal with the Sloths and the Lemurs and if you are brave enough you can sign up for the VIP tours that gives you the opportunity to encounter flamingos, monkeys, penguins and a honey bear! But also, reptiles, and Aldabra tortoises! Another treat you will find at Jungle Island is the beach area that will serve you well when it’s time to cool off. There is plenty of food and beverages available to you which will be appreciated as the fun filled hours pass. For the thrill seekers, there is an opportunity to soar high like the birds with their very own Super Flight! This is vertical wind tunnel with winds over 120 miles per hour. If you ever wondered about skydiving, this would be a perfect introduction. Also, don’t be afraid to enter in the escape rooms that they offer and that will

Zoo Miami – Don’t Miss Out!

What shows off Miami’s uniqueness is Zoo Miami. Miami is not only a melting pot for different cultures, but also a melting pot to different species from different continents! It offers over 500 animal species, 1,000 plant species and over 750 acres of land; Zoo Miami is the largest and oldest zoological garden in Florida and the only sub-tropical zoo in the continental United States. The unique climate in South Florida allows them to keep a wide variety of animals from Asia, Australia, and Africa, representing a broad mix of species that is unlike any other zoo in the country. You can see everything from Bangel tigers to Bald Eagles. Zoo Miami’s lush, tropical, open-air exhibits replicate the animals’ natural habitats and allows you to enjoy beautiful and endangered wildlife at a safe, yet remarkably close range. Zoo Miami offers fun for the entire family; from kids zones and character meet & greets to rides and animal feedings. What better way to view the entire park than from aerial view with a narrated Metrorail ride. All in all, there’s always something great going on at Zoo Miami.

Over all, Miami has much to offer and even though Miami is a beach destination, make sure you take full advantage of everything it has to offer, it would be a tragedy not too!

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