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Public cruises.  One might ask themselves how is this is going to be possible again after everything we have gone through.

We offer one of the most sought after sightseeing cruises in Miami.  The Original Millionaire’s Row Cruise has been going out of Bayside Marketplace long before Bayside (which is the outdoor mall where we are located) was even there.  This tour was run out of a fishing pier which is all that existed a little over 70 years ago.  One man, one boat. And it was a great tour.  Island Queen Cruises was the only tour boat available and it was causing commotion.  A tour that took you around the famous, still famous islands, of Miami where very prominent people lived, like Al Capone and Elizabeth Taylor just to mention a couple.  Can you imagine that Al Capone’s home still has a little fort in front of it so that his snipers had a place to stay and be on the lookout? Lol. This was a real treat when the locals got to go around Miami’s highest end Millionaire’s Row and do it by being on the water.  It really was the only way to see this and still is.  The word started to get out and more and more people came.  And then, the locals started to bring their out of town visitors.  One boat wasn’t going to cut it anymore.  The second boat was introduced.

Today, we currently have a fleet of 10 vessels that are operational if needed so that we can accommodate anyone that comes our way.  If you visit, we want to take you out.  It also continues being a family owned business.  You can feel that non-corporate wholesome family vibe with each tour that takes place.  We are now a staple of the community.  Not only the local community but also the international community that visits Miami.  Our repeat guests just keeps coming and coming and it’s always a treat for new comers.  Definitely a must do in Miami.  But now, we have had to take some serious action to make sure that we keep all of our visitors and employees safe.  And we will make it safe again.

One very recommended and doable option is to go out with your own friends and family.  If you gather a group, no matter the size, we will be able to provide you with a clean, well maintained vessel with a professional crew and your own private narrator.  It doesn’t even have to be a large group.  We can host 4-5 people and all the way up to 400 in one vessel.  However, for the purposes of this recommendation, we will stick to the smaller groups.  Groups that can be just your immediately family or extended family with trusted friends.  You can have a private tour, with only your guests and this way minimize any risks of pandemic behaviors.  You can choose to bring food and drinks or we can provide some options for you but this is a great alternative to be able to go out and do something different and do it with your own peace of mind.  Might actually be one of the better things to do since you will avoid outsiders.

Take it even further.  Not only will you have the chance to do your own private version of the Millionaire’s Row Cruise tour, but you can extend a few hours, and have some fun in the sun.  Why not, you’re already out there.  Go to a sand bar, or visit Stiltsville (original Bahamian homes that are standing on Stilts in the middle of the water) or go up the river.  There are a number of routes and things to do that you can take advantage of.  You won’t find pricing for any of this online.  We want you to give us a call, feel our family environment, speak to an actual person, no recordings here, and let us give you the information you need tailored to exactly what you want.  And the pricing is very reasonable.

We want to formally invite you to come and take the cruise again, for the first time, privately however you choose but come.  I promise, you will love it.

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