Miami’s Best Views, Architecture & History on the Iconic Millionaire’s Row Cruise™

Millionaire’s Row™ Cruise

Setting sail on the Millionaire’s Row™ Cruise is a can’t-miss Miami experience you aren’t soon to forget. See the pristine Miami skylines and luxurious homes of the rich and famous from the water through one of Miami’s premier providers of things to do and day excursions, Island Queen Cruises & Tours! Ride in comfort of the top deck of the Miami Lady or Island Queen, where you are protected from the sun, but still experience the refreshing ocean breeze.

See Miami’s Iconic Sites

Enjoy top-notch narration in English and Spanish as the boat departs from Bayside Marketplace. You won’t miss a thing as the narrator shares the history of Bayside Marketplace and the most famous restaurants in Miami, including the Hard Rock Café. On the way to Millionaire’s Row™ you will take in the sights of the some of the most iconic monuments of Miami, such as the Challenger Memorial and the Torch of Friendship.

Tour Miami: Unforgettable Skyline Views

As you cruise past Bayfront Park you will come across a stunning view of the downtown skyline. The bi-lingual narrator will tell the story of Miami’s illustrious history, its 100-year-long development, and the accumulation of its wealthiest condos and tallest sky-scrapers. There is nothing more thrilling than feeling dwarfed by these impressive iron giants as you pass by at water level.

Experience All Seven Islands in Miami

Experience the scenic views of all seven small islands of Miami – something you can only see from the water. First you will pass by the high-rises of the Financial District on Brickell Key Island. See two of the largest cruise ships in the world in the largest artificial island holding port in Miami as you sail by Dodge Island. Cruise alongside and underneath the impressive bridges as the narrator calls out Rickenbacker causeway, Virginia Key and Key Biscayne – known as seven miles of paradise, since the highway is seven miles off shore.

Miami Islands, Miami Beach, South Beach and More…

See the enormous commercial loading port and beautiful historic parks on Lummus Island as the boat navigates through the bay waters. Ride past Fisher Island, Miami’s most exclusive and largest artificial island. Experience the ocean waves just off the coast of Miami’s most notorious beaches: Miami Beach and South Beach. These beaches are infamous for the crowds and plethora of movies that have been filmed on its sands, including The Fast and the Furious 2 and Scar Face.

Learn Miami’s History

Be informed by the narrator about Carl Fisher, who in 1900 created several artificial islands, including the islands along the Venetian causeway. Cruise past the first artificial island: Star Island, home to some of the most beautiful mansions in Miami. Bask-in the luxury of the homes of its famous residents, like Al Pacino, Rosie O’Donnell, and Gloria Estephan. Other islands along the tour include Palm Island, Hibiscus Island, and the famous Flagler Monument Island built by Carl Fisher. You will also experience Watson Island, home of the Miami Children’s Museum and Parrot Jungle.

Experience Miami’s Best Views, Architecture & History on the Millionaire’s Row™ Cruise

The Millionaire’s Row™ Cruise is one of the best ways to see the history, scenic views and culturally mixed architecture that Miami has to offer. Experience first-hand the melting pot that is Miami. Experience first-hand the different components and life styles that create the overall energy Miami is famous for. The Millionaire’s Row™ Cruise paints a vivid picture, giving you the chance to experience the past, present, and future development of Miami.

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