4 Best Things to Do with Kids in Miami

Although Miami is beautiful all year round, it is a particularly popular destination around summer time. With school being out, it’s the perfect time to have fun as a family. Whether you’re a resident of the Magic City or you’re stopping by for a visit, all parents face the same concern: What are some fun things to do as a family without breaking the bank? Luckily for you, Island Queen Cruises has a variety of interactive, kid-friendly activities for the whole family to enjoy.


Parasailing Events in MiamiParasailing in Miami










Have you ever wondered what its’s like to feel the breeze in your hair while you’re soaring through the air? A parasailing trip is something you can experience with your whole family. The fun starts with a boat ride out to open waters. Enjoy the wind, the smell of ocean air, and get ready for the excitement of soaring above the ocean! Fly high while the wind lifts you away from the water and into the sky! The breathtaking view of the ocean from up in the air is unparalleled. Witness the enchanting sights and sea critters such as dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, manatees, and every shade of blue the water has to offer. This is a fantastic opportunity for you and your family to safely admire wildlife in its natural habitat. This trip is fun, exhilarating, and relaxing while also being a great learning opportunity for your young ones. Whether you want to stay dry in the air or on the boat or you’d like to take a quick dip in the ocean, it’s entirely up to you.


Everglades Safari Park in Miami











School may be out, but that doesn’t mean your children have to stop learning. Great educational opportunities are abound in famed attractions like the iconic Zoo Miami, the majestic Florida Everglades, and eco-adventure park Jungle Island.


Zoo Miami in FloridaZoo Miami in Florida










It is well-known that Miami is a melting pot of cultures as well as flora and fauna. What many don’t know, however, is that our tropical climate is the perfect condition for sustaining different species from every corner of the globe, making Zoo Miami the only sub-tropical zoo in the United States, and the most diverse zoological park in the world. You can see and learn about animals from Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas. Enjoy Zoo Miami’s wildlife shows, where you get to see them perform tricks and learn how to train them. If you want to get even closer, you can feed giraffes, rhinos, camels, and giant tortoises! Your little ones will love the petting zoo and the Wildlife Carousel. Take a ride on a camel, or splash around in the water play areas. A gentle air boat ride will take you around the “Everglades”, and many more activities that make this historic zoological wonderland a unique experience for all ages.


Everglades Safari Park in MiamiEverglades Cruise in Miami










North America’s largest subtropical wetland lives in Florida’s Everglades National Park. This preserve is the only place in the entire world where salt water crocodiles and fresh water alligators can live in harmony, as the Everglades is comprised of both fresh and salt water bodies. To truly understand the vastness of the park’s 1.5 million acres, take your children on an airboat ride! Propelled by a giant fan that sits behind you on the boat, the mechanics of this vessel allow you to travel at high speeds through the waters, known as the “river of grass,” while preventing harm from coming to the critters hidden below the water’s surface. You’re sure to catch a glimpse of the many alligators, fish, turtles, and birds that call the Everglades their home. This is both a thrilling and safe experience everyone in your family will love! Stick around after the educational and exciting alligator show for a chance to take a picture with a live baby alligator! If you’ve been wanting to get over your fear of snakes, here’s your chance to take matters into your own hands – literally! Show everyone how brave you are with a picture of a snake draped over your shoulders. Give your children an appreciation for wildlife and a sense of wonder with the Everglades’ diverse and beautiful ecosystem.


Explore the Jungle Island in MiamiExplore the Jungle Island in Miami










Far closer to the urban landscape of the city of Miami is Jungle Island! Home to over 3,000 animals including 1,000 varieties of parrots, this eco-adventure park is filled with opportunities for your young ones to get up close and personal with nature! You’ll have the parrots eating out of the palm of your hand or hold them in your arms for an adorable photo-op! Cuddlier still, are the lemurs and sloths! If you’ve never seen what happens when a lion and a tiger have a baby, get ready to have your mind blown! Hercules is a 900-pound liger. This beautiful beast will leave everyone in your family in absolute shock! Jungle Island is also home to Mama Cass, the only trained cassowary in the world! As if all these breathtaking creatures weren’t interesting enough, the park also has zip lines, escape rooms, an outdoor wind tunnel, pop-up waterslides, a Nerf battle stadium, and so much more! There’s even a water park, where you can make your way through obstacle courses, riptide rapids, and a climbing wall. Once you tire from all the excitement, take a leisurely stroll through the park and stop to smell the roses as there’s exotic plants, trees, and shrubs everywhere you look. You’ll see why they call it a jungle!

Let Island Queen Cruises help you and your loved ones have limitless and educational fun this summer!

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